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Planners for Financial Success, Len Hempen



Our Tax Advantage

Len Hempen is not only a financial advisor, but also a tax practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation. By working with a tax professional, clients are assured a superior level of taxation expertise so they can be confident of thorough, insightful service and uncommon professionalism that makes a real difference.

Planners for Financial Success has experience in various areas of tax mitigation, including corporate, estate, individual, partnership and federal, local and state taxes. Clients can count on them for professional, timely, and reliable services, which include the following:

  • Tax return preparation
  • Representation before the IRS (audits, collections and appeals)
  • Tax and financial services
  • Business planning
  • Retirement and pension funds
  • Preserving your estate and protecting your most valued assets
  • Maximizing your overall savings

Len is here for his clients year-round, not just during tax season. Whether clients have a simple tax question, need advice on the tax implications of a business decision, or want clarification on a government notice, he is available to assist with all tax and financial needs. He understands taxes and investing are closely related, which is why this seamless integration of both areas of knowledge, tax and financial planning, allows his clients to feel more comfortable with their whole financial picture.